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Working summer in England

It is very clever to earn money in Western Europe and spend them somewhere or everywhere in Asia. So this was exactly how we decided to act in order to fulfill our plan for a long and slow trip across Asia to New Zealand.

We ended up in the peaceful English countryside – somewhere in the West Midlands and very close to the border with Wales – among plenty of fruit and vegetables, a lot of animals and just a few people.

Our farm was very small, with only a dozen of workers. We spent four months living in a caravan with two other Bulgarians, just next to the plum trees and the blackberry bushes.

We found the farm very special. It does not work with big supermarkets but sells its products on local farmer markets. Moreover, it is a pick-your-own (PYO) farm with people visiting to taste the fruit and veggies and pick what they want and need straight from the trees, bushes and plants.

Here is a story with more details on our experience in the farm – Tasting real food in UK.



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