I come from the lovely Balkan county Bulgaria where the Old Mountain crosses the land from border to border to sink in the Black Sea.

Just like many Bulgarians I adore nature, travelling and story-telling.


My travel story

My real travel story began only in summer 2015 when I finally dared to abandon my job, apartment and daily routine in order to join my traveller boyfriend in his nomad life.

I now enjoy another home. It is our wonderful green tent, very light but spacious, big enough for the real things in life – some good food, some good clothes, something to read and somebody to love and to share the real things in life with.

We are about to start our Asian journey in December 2016. It will be long and slow since we hope to avoid taking planes. As a fellow traveller once put it, once the plane lands it is only your body that has reached the destination, the soul is still somewhere there where you left it.

We hope to keep the body with the soul and the soul with the body. We imagine our road as a soul travel. A journey on the outside and the inside.

The blog

This blog I am starting is an attempt to continue to do the thing I really loved in my last job. Telling stories.

I used to be a news writer and editor, covering mainly business and economic news from the Balkans. I loved taking interviews and attending various conferences, as well as making research to discover the biggest picture behind the news.

But I really disliked sitting in front of the monitor for about 8 hours almost every day.

I hope the blog will help me keep the link with my writing passion. The new nomad lifestyle already released me of all congestion and stagnation. It is now time to live and share my dreams, not just to imagine.

This is my story. Now let me tell you the stories of the people and places we meet. Follow me 🙂